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ANDRE DERAIN, (French. 1880-1994), oil on canvas, portrait of a young girl, approximately 18' X 14'.  Derain was a prolific painter of landscapes, portraits, fruit, flowers, nudes, etc. He was born in Chatou, France, which was a sort of artists' colony at the time, and was friends with Maurice DeVlaminck. In his forties, he was one of the most successful painters in Paris, but his fame faded by the end of World War II.

Resale value, $18,000.00.

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Andre Derain

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Find how much your collection or single item(s) is worth by calling Nancy Boos at the Frank Boos Gallery. We appraise fine art and decorative arts, for clients in and around Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Detroit Metropolitan area and states contiguous to Michigan.  Further destinatios will have a pre-arranged travel charge. Our owner, Nancy Boos, is an experienced art appraiser with extensive training and education in the field. She has a reputation for being ethical, trustworthy, and reliable, and her appraisal reports are relied upon by individuals, companies, and organizations of all kinds. She has never been denied practicing before the IRS.

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About Frank Boos Gallery

Frank Boos Gallery was founded by Frank H. Boos and his wife, Nancy Boos, in Troy, Michigan, in 1982. The business began as an auction house and appraisal firm and quickly gained a reputation as a respected authority in the field. Over the course of his career, Frank and his team appraised many famous collections, including those of Minoru and Teruko Yamasaki (Minoru was the architect for the World Trade Center, New York City) and naturalist, Dr. Walter Koelz, (who was part of the MacMillan-Byrd Arctic Expedition of 1925). Frank was one of the originals on the Antiques Roadshow. He was known as "The Bow-Tie Guy" and was one of the most popular appraisers on the show. He was even parodied on The Simpsons as the guy with the big bow tie, small round glasses, and combed back hair.  Nancy worked on the show as a triage expert at the check in desks, identifying objects and directing hundreds of participants to the correct appaisers.

Sadly, Frank passed away in 2006, but Nancy is carrying on the tradition of providing accurate and objective valuation appraisals and guidance in helping clients regarding the disposition of personal property. Contact us today to request a fair and objective valuation appraisal of personal property for insurance, estate tax, dispersal, donation, divorce, or resale purposes.


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